Kick-a-thon Increased Studio Enrollment 25 Percent

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Did you know that hosting a Moo Duk Kwan Kick-a-thon® fundraiser could also increase your studio enrollment by 25% (twenty five percent)?

That's what it did for DFW Soo Bahk Do®.

Master Ed Horni employed an ingenious tactic for attracting sponsors for the Dallas Fort Worth Soo Bahk Do Kick-a-thon for the Moo Duk Kwan® and personally raised over $700  WITHOUT EVER APPROACHING A SINGLE PERSON TO SPONSOR HIM!


new students knockingThat's right!

AND his technique is so simple and elegant, yet so powerful that sponsors AND prospective new students CAME KNOCKING ON HIS DOOR!


Did your Kick-a-thon sponsor acquisition work that effortlessly?

Did you ALSO attract new students who enrolled as a direct result of your Kick-a-thon activity?

Would you like to know how he did it?

Ed Horni, Master

His technique is so S.I.M.P.L.E. yet so powerful that when you share it with your students and parents to help them support your Kick-a-thon, everyone may achieve better results more easily than you or they ever imagined possible.

I'm not going to reveal his powerful technique here for casual surfers to abscond with and use for their advantage; however, he has agreed to share with you his super easy technique for attracting Kick-a-thon sponsors AND new students at the same time WITHOUT HAVING TO APPROACH A SINGLE PERSON.

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How To Effortlessly Attract Sponsors And New Students


By Ed Horni

I followed what many folks selling Girl Scout cookies or getting sponsors for their kids' events do at my workplace.

I simply posted the Kick-a-thon sponsor sign-up sheet on my office door and did not solicit anyone personally.

Solicitation at work is discouraged, but hanging the signup sheet on my door created curiosity in passers-by and thus sparked a conversation with those who saw it.

When someone would ask me what the Kick-a-thon was about, then I would explain what we are doing.

Those conversations then led to an opportunity for me to ask them if they wanted to sponsor me.

I do not have a lot of folks come through my office, so the number of sponsors that I got was quite high proportionally.


Some folks who did not know that I trained in martial arts also came by and when they asked about the Kick-a-thon, then I also had an opportunity to inform them that I was teaching classes at the fitness center where I work at TI.

Those conversations gained me two students out of the 8 that I have.

Posting the signup sheet on my door to catch the attention of those coming through was very easy to do and it created curiosity in those who saw it and thus THEY approached me with questions and were thus receptive to my responses and my “ask” for their sponsorship.

It was a very good conversation starter and was a very low-pressure way of acquiring sponsors and new students.

new students knocking

For our next Kick-a-thon, I may add something even a bit more eye-catching to post than just the sign-up sheet. It seemed that catching the attention of those passing by in a way that prompted them to ask me questions was very effective.

I recommend parents and students give this approach a try wherever your work will allow it.

You'll find that you need not solicit people if you can just catch the attention of passers-by, then potential sponsors and new students will come knocking on your door.

If you have any questions let me know.


Get it now and get started!

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